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Latin America is home to more than 425 million Catholics – nearly 40% of the world’s total Catholic population – and the Roman Catholic Church now has a Latin American pope for the first time in its history. Yet identification with Catholicism has declined throughout the region, according to a major new Pew Research Center survey that …

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1978-1979. When I went it was quite a strange experience. The general impression I had from Nicaragua was that everybody was waiting for something.

Latin America has produced a variety of genres born at the crossroads of European folk music, African music and native traditions. While not as popular as the popular music of the USA (also born out of the integration of European music and African music), Latin American genres shares the same characters that made it a universal koine’.

Historically speaking, bilateral relations between the United States and the various countries of Latin America have been multifaceted and complex, at times defined by strong regional cooperation and at others filled with economic and political tension and rivalry. Although relations between the U.S. government and most of Latin America …

In America Unearthed, forensic geologist Scott Wolter, a real-life Indiana Jones, will reveal that the history we all learned in college may not always be the whole story.

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Trusted Internet portal for Latin American Studies content since 1992

History of Latin America: History of Latin America, the history of the region from the pre-Columbian period to the 20th century.

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Where to go for more info. Black, George. The Good Neighbor.Pantheon Books, New York: 1988. Highly recommended. An often amusing history of U.S. attitudes toward its southern neighbors.

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Latin America is a group of countries and dependencies in the Western Hemisphere where Spanish, French and Portuguese are spoken; it is broader than the terms Ibero-America or Hispanic America.The term originated in the Napoleon III French government in the mid-19th century as Amérique latine to consider French-speaking territories in …