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After Napoleon freed a part of Poland in 1817, problems arose for the Polish people. An agreement was made at the Congress of Vienna in Austria. Austria took the Polish Saxony region and Russia took most of Poland.

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The territory known today as Slovakia (Slovak Republic) has existed under the dominance of of other empires for the majority of all time. Effective family research must include a general understanding of the political situation at the time of emigration.

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The history of the Jews in Armenia dates back more than 2,000 years. After Eastern Armenia came under Russian rule in the early 19th century, Jews began arriving from Poland and Iran, creating Ashkenazic and Mizrahi communities in Yerevan.

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The history of the Jews in Argentina goes back to the early sixteenth centuries, following the Jewish expulsion from Spain. Sephardi Jews fleeing persecution immigrated with explorers and colonists to settle in what is now Argentina.

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Pogrom is a Russian word designating an attack, accompanied by destruction, looting of property, murder, and , perpetrated by one section of the population against another.

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Primary Sources Russian Immigrants. The first Russians reached America in 1747 when fur traders arrived in Alaska. Some settled in the area and the Russian Orthodox Church became active in the region in 1795.

European Emigration Between 1815 and 1915, some 30 million Europeans arrived in the United States. For many it was a long and arduous journey.

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It is arguable which of the Russian Czars was the worst to the Jews. We’ll start with Czar Nicholas I (who ruled from 1825 to 1855) as one of …

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