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Made in America : Aprons, Old fashioned Vintage style cobbler aprons cover you in the kitchen, like Grandmas apron.Beautiful Vintage style kitchen aprons, our 20th century collection.

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Vintage Wooden Deckchairs See also Heritage Deckchair Hire. What could be more ‘Vintage ‘ than an Original Blackpool Deckchair? The Stripes Company bought them all in …

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The history behind 1950s house dresses and 1950s aprons. The types, colors, patterns, and uses of the housewife’s uniform. Where to buy or sew them today.

Colorful, vintage tablecloths from the 1930’s to the 1960’s, as well as damask linens when available. These tablecloths are vintage, meaning they are not brand new like you would find at a store today.

vintage kitchenware & everyday dishes. antique blue glass canning jars, old mason jars; retro kitchen appliances; pots and pans; vintage mixing bowls

Unique haberdashery and fabric trimmings for trimming upholstery, cushions, blinds and curtains

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If these bearded men in untucked gingham/tartan/plaid shirts, working up the nerve to talk to the women, drinking lager and spouting B.S. about C.S. Lewis and H.P. Lovecraft are a cult, then so are most of the corner bars in metropolitan America.

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Apron styles. There are many different apron forms depending on the purpose of the apron. A basic distinction is between waist aprons, which cover the body from the waist down, and bib aprons, which also cover the upper part of the body.

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