Thirds Of All Foreign Women

The Other Women’s Movement They voted for Donald Trump. Their European teens are supporting nationalist movements of their own. And they’re not who you think they are.

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Couples of Chinese men and Western women are a rarity. Why is that? Jocelyn, an American who has a Chinese husband, explores the reasons.

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In July 2011, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appointed Maj. Gen. Rostam Qassemi of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as oil

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As polls closed nationwide Tuesday night, see how voters from different backgrounds across the nation cast their ballots.

The music of Bulgaria refers to all forms of music associated with the country of Bulgaria, including classical, folk, popular music, and other forms.. Classical music, opera, and ballet are represented by composers Emanuil Manolov, Pancho Vladigerov and Georgi Atanasov and singers Ghena Dimitrova, Mariana Paunova, Boris Hristov, Raina

Everything you need to know about our foreign-born population, their impact on the economy, current immigration policy, and the voting power of new Americans.

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Over the next decade, women will control two thirds of consumer wealth in the United States and be the beneficiaries of the largest transference of wealth in …

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Exclusive The End of Foreign Aid As We Know It Trump budget would gut development assistance and fold USAID into State.

NOTE: Data exclude all self-employed persons whether or not their businesses are incorporated. The four major regions and nine census divisions of …

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