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Start your day with the news you need from the Bay Area and beyond. Sign up for our new Morning Report weekday newsletter. SANTA ANA — Five seconds. That’s all the time a woman had to rescue a frantic 12-year-old teen from a suspected napper in a brazen abduction Wednesday, Feb. 21 on a

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4. Wentworth Miller Learning that Wentworth Miller is gay made us think that maybe the years filming “Prison Break” had something to do with Read More

A professor at Indiana University dedicated an entire academic journal article to examining Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s marital analingus. Why exactly does it matter what celebrities do behind closed doors? Well, according to Indiana University professor Dinah Holtzman, it can highlight important trends

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BLACK CELEBRITIES WHO DIED WITH LITTLE OR NO FANFARE-PART I: R&B duo “Damian Dame” (pictured above) consisted of Debra Jean Hurd aka “Deah Dame,” and Bruce Edward Brodus aka Damian.

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16. Anderson Cooper In 2012, new anchor Anderson Cooper came out as gay after keeping his sexuality private for years. Cooper wrote an email that he Read More

Celebrities with Cancer Cancer does not respect fame and fortune

Dec 27, 2017 · How Family Tried to Keep Suspected Neo-Nazi From Their teen — Then He Allegedly Killed Them

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The pictures of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence were leaked to notorious image sharing site 4chan

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With 2018 on the horizon, we’re looking back at more than 30 major personalities who have come out since last year.. Hopefully there will be even more next year!

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