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I am very proud of the Moffat Wealth Management System, created with the unending input and support of our clients. I firmly believe that this program is very unique, and is the only way to achieve predictable success in managing family wealth over the longer term.

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We provide premium wealth management solutions to individuals and businesses by acting as their financial quarterback through clarity, counselling and coordination.

The Jacques Maurice Group is one of the most prestigious Wealth Management groups in Canada with over 6 billion dollars of assets under management.

At Dries Smith Group Financial Management we believe that building wealth involves more than investment advice, vital though that is.

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Boutique, multi-jurisdictional offshore investment management. Nova Wealth Limited is a boutique, multi-jurisdictional offshore investment manager.

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Located in the heart of downtown Ottawa, the Ottawa branch of Scotia Wealth Management has a long-standing reputation of excellence in the community ? highlighted by the depth of our community involvement, and the embodiment of …

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The Rosedale Group is a global wealth management practice that places value on getting it right. We are the exclusive and comprehensive family wealth manager that helps our clients achieve what is most important to them.

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Evangeline Wealth Management has roots tracing back to 1964, when the first of what was to become the Evangeline group of companies, Evangeline Savings and Mortgage was founded by Gordon F. Hughes.

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Nova Capital Management Limited (“Nova”), the specialist acquirer of corporate and private equity portfolios, has announced the sale of Wax Digital (“Wax”) to August Equity LLP for an undisclosed sum.

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The Mailey Rogers Group is one of the most prestigious wealth management groups in Canada, providing 30 years of trusted advice …

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