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Encarnaciones. La línea de juguetes está compuesta por las siguientes encarnaciones. Algunas de ellas están relacionadas entre sí: G.I. Joe (1964-1969)

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skinny at HissTank.Com. View skinny’s profile. Hey, I’m going to try and take some shots of the troops this weekend if I have time.

Cobra is a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world. They are led by the ruthless Cobra Commander. High Command Staff is Baroness as the Director of Intelligence, Destro as Weapons Supplier, and Dr. Mindbender as Chief Scientific Officer, although others have at times usurped

Generals Joes – A blog about the importance (or unimportance) of little plastic men

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I just bought Sightline (great tribute from Hasbro to the late collector Gyre Viper, Gary “Googles” Head), but I do not know the specialty i

Joepedia is a complete guide to G.I. Joe that anyone can edit, with episodes and characters from the G.I. Joe series and movie.

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A shift in play patterns. For its first ten years, G.I. Joe was a generic soldier/adventurer with only the slightest hints of a team concept existing.

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Find new and vintage GI Joe Action Figures and Toys at You will find a huge selection of GI JOE and Cobra Action Figures, GI Joe 30th Anniversary and more for aficionados and hard-core collectors.

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