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Mother’s shape and size keeps on changing further into the fourth month of pregnancy, the bump is more visible and appetite also improves for most of the mother. Baby movements are felt along with an audible baby heartbeat …

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At Pregnancy Week 5 you are possibly discovering you are pregnant. The journey is but well worth it. Enjoy the ride and start now with pregnancy week 5.

What to Expect at 4 Weeks Pregnant. During the fourth week after the conception the forming of fetus starts, during this term the fetus changes into the …

Victoria Beckham may finally have a teen after her husband announced the couple are expecting their fourth .

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The first day of Spring is set to bring the fourth Nor’easter this month with up to 11 inches of snow predicted in some areas between Tuesday and Wednesday.

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You at 7 weeks pregnant. Seven weeks in, you might be coming to terms with, (or still awaiting!) the nausea on waking, or the other earlier signs of pregnancy.It can be a lot to take in, especially if you have chosen not to let others in …

1 Month Pregnant: Signs & Symptoms of the most important period of pregnancy. How does the life start? How to manage “a family way”? What to expect?

Description: This course is designed for third and fourth year medical students seeking teaching experiences in gross anatomy, histology, and embryology components of the Human Structure course taught to 1st year medical students.

Editors Note: A guest contribution from Texan to The Prepper Journal. I have had this one for awhile as the subject matter required some extra-special handling. As you will read it may be easy for some of the statements made herein to be labeled as sexist, or worse, and that clearly is not the authors intent.

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The Fourth Date Marriage trope as used in popular culture. Once Upon a Time, in a er, more innocent day, Love at First Sight was all the romantic setup …

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