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Stages Of Coming Out. Here’s a handy reference that examines the common stages that a person typically goes through when coming out as lesbian, gay or bisexual.

National Coming Out Day (NCOD) is an annual LGBTQ awareness day observed on October 11 and October 12 in some parts of the world. Founded in the United States in 1988, the initial idea was grounded in the feminist and gay liberation spirit of the personal being political, and the emphasis on the most basic form of activism being coming out …

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“Coming Out As You” is a new pocket-sized resource that can help you navigate your own coming out experience in a safe, thoughtful way. Remember, […]

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Website of UK Bisexual Activist group The Bisexual Index

Happy National Coming Out Day from HRC! Every year on National Coming Out Day, we celebrate coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) or as an ally. On Oct. 11, 2017, we marked the 29th anniversary of National Coming Out Day. 29 years ago, on the anniversary of the National

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May 23, 2011 · Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender teenagers talk about their lives in this weeklong series.

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Coming out of the closet, or simply coming out, is a metaphor for LGBT people’s self-disclosure of their sexual orientation or of their gender identity.The term coming out can also be used in various non-LGBT applications (e.g. atheists).

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Straight people don’t exist – so why do half of bisexual men fear coming out?

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Amber Heard has always been forthright about her sexuality, but coming out publicly when she was a rising star wasn’t easy.. The 30-year-old spoke candidly on Thursday at The Economist‘s second-annual Pride & Prejudice Summit in New York, recalling the 2010 media storm after she revealed that she identifies as bisexual.

The Coming-Out Story trope as used in popular culture. The LGBT story trope. Used at least once for almost every LGBT character ever, but most often seen …