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Christian Jessen had been consistently publicly criticized about his receding hairline, so he decided to get a hair transplant. This before and after photo shows the transition.

Liver transplant — Find out how this procedure treats liver failure and liver disease and what to expect before and after a liver transplant.

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Selena Gomez has been through hell and back with her failing neys, but we’re told the transplant operation and recovery was actually more difficult for her best friend who donated her ney — Francia Raisa. Sources close to Francia tell TMZ, removing her ney was a show-stopper she could

Vertis mance got the call from her transplant surgeon last July. We have a ney for you, Jeffrey Veale explained on the phone, but it has an unusual backstory. The ney was first transplanted two years ago from a 17-year-old teen into a man in his early 20s, who just unexpectedly died in a car

AS THE SUN set over Lake Eyasi in Tanzania, nearly thirty minutes had passed since I had inserted a turkey baster into my bum and injected the feces of a Hadza man – a member of one of the last

Create strong and healthy marijuana plants ready to transplant and flower indoors under grow lights or outdoors. Transplanting strong marijuana plants is

Sep 14, 2017 · Selena Gomez’s neys were failing long before she received her transplant TMZ has learned. We’ve learned when Selena was in Chicago for The Weeknd’s concert back in May she was rushed to the hospital because of ney failure. Abel was right by her side. At that point Selena was already on a

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The Hollywood Exec and the Hand Transplant That Changed His Life In just 30 hours, a superfit reality TV producer went from the top of his game to the precipice of death.

My truck slid off a road in Central Baja, and a Subaru Brat saved my ass.

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Fecal microbiota transplant (FMT), also known as a stool transplant, is the process of transplantation of fecal bacteria from a healthy individual into a recipient. FMT involves restoration of the colonic microflora by introducing healthy bacterial flora through infusion of stool, e.g. by colonoscopy, enema, orogastric tube or by mouth in the

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